Why is this an investment?

I really wouldn’t classify myself as an “emotional person.”

In fact, I think I’ve only ever almost shed a tear over one movie – The Force Awakens (Those who have seen it will know what I’m talking about).

With that being said, I live for the moments when I get a call from a bride, groom, parent, or relative after the big day and they’ve just seen the video. Sometimes it’s a call from a tropical honeymoon beach, other times it’s from a newly furnished home waiting to be filled with memories. No matter where it comes from, the most wonderful feeling is to pick up the phone to happy sniffles. What comes after is a string of gratitude and excitement that humbles me so deeply and makes me feel less like a vendor and more like a friend. I have shot weddings that were a breezy dream and I have shot weddings where nothing seems to go right. No matter what kind of day fate has planned, my one and only goal is to make sure that the memories of those days are nothing but sweet, sensitive, pure, emotional, and ecstatic. Some events and issues are out of your control, however, the way that you remember that day is not. Let me capture those perfect memories for you and let them remind you of the joy you had on your special day. Nothing is going to get in my way when it comes to preserving your memories and making your event the exact day that you’ve dreamed of for so many years.

Your dinner is fleeting, your film is forever.

I value the importance of the role I will be playing on your day, and I am honored that you’re looking into booking with us, please shoot us a “contact us” form and I will get back to you immediately with a full PDF package list form.

Pricing starts at $1,750.00

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