“Country Engagement”

I was given the wonderful opportunity to shoot an engagement recently. It’s rare that I accept the heavy responsibility to photograph a day so important as video is my forte and my comfort. However, I felt right about this one and jumped at the opportunity. The couple was SO RAD and I had a blast hanging out with them. I’m so excited that I will have the opportunity to create for them again in the future!




“Just Cool Stuff”

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and I just need to do something cool. Today I took these photos. Kareem owns Newport Tattoo and is a killer jiu jitsu pro. He shared a lot of wisdom with me when it comes to operating an arts based business. I like how these photos turned out, so I’m posting them haha. There isn’t much more behind to it. Hope you like them.



Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset




“Lara and Adnan”

Our trip to a mini Mediterranean paradise

I had a dumb amount of fun shooting with this couple. We met in Palm Springs at the beautiful boutique hotel,  Korakia Pensione (click that to see the beauty of that little gem), and spent a wonderful afternoon with Kristina of Kristina Adams Photography (amazing is hiding behind that link). We are so unbelievably excited to capture Lara and Adnan’s special day after getting to know them. Their appreciation and willingness to help us create beautiful pieces will make their video SO much more beautiful and their day so much more memorable. 


“Bonnie and Clyde”

Super duper awesome engagement project

When I first met with Brice and Jen, I could immediately tell that they were a different breed of client. Their house full of DIY projects, home made art, and Brice’s successful leather goods company tipped me off to their unique style and sensibility. After chatting for a while, I learned that they were going to let me do pretty much anything I wanted for their wedding and engagement projects. We took the idea and ran, resulting in the video below. We had such a fun time and it was very inspiring to let my editing monster loose on this one.

Check our their awesome company by clicking this: The Bearded Kitty

And be sure to also check out their amazing photographer who was responsible for setting up a lot of the shots: Michael Lallande


“Akros Ink”

Ruining my chances with potential employers

I’ve always said that getting a visible tattoo is a bad idea. Yes, I have tattoos. Four to be exact (and I hope that doesn’t ruin the chances of us working together. I promise I don’t have a motorcycle, the volume on my radio rarely passes 17, and I have never watched a single episode of “Sons of Anarchy”), but I’ve always made sure that they were my secret. Hidden away like the gold I have buried in my back yard. However, recently, my thought process has changed. Why wouldn’t I want to share my passion outwardly and openly? Especially if it will play a role in both of our lives (I’m looking at you, potential couples). So, today, Megan and I drove down to Living Art Gallery (click that if you’re looking for an AMAZING and safe studio) and permanently changed our bodies. I’m so proud and just plain happy to finally be able to represent the brand that I have been pouring into for 10 years now (yes, Akros has been a dream for that long), and I am excited at the road that lies before us as well as the opportunities that are coming our way.



“It’s a trap!”

The life and death of Admiral Ackbar – a fish

The day I started my own company, I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to do something different, something that would allow me to feel freedom, independence, and control for the first time in my life. So I went nuts and bought a fish (obvious satire). I really actually cared so much for this new little best friend. The 12 hour days of editing and the Netflix binge weekends were spent with him. He saw me through the best times and the worst. The break-ups and the new beginnings, the holidays and the saddest days. I know he was just a fish, but in a dumb, special kind of way, he was also a symbol of growing up. Megan and I took a short evening and created this the day he left our little home.


“This Couple”

When you’re sure they’re going to be just fine

I couldn’t resist blogging about this couple because working with them has been so much fun! It’s always so wonderful to see a couple able to soak in every moment of their special day. “Tunnel vision” is always such a problem when it comes to big events, but Corey and Ashley definitely beat it and were able to hang onto every little piece of their big day.

Their first dance was too good not to share.




The day I became unemployed

I’ve never been too good at taking orders from people. Don’t get me wrong, I love to show respect to everyone I’m around and I am always more than happy to lend a helping hand or complete a task that needs completing. I’m just not too big of a fan of the whole “working to make other people rich” way of life. With that said, I am now officially unemployed. I quit my job yesterday to do video full time. It has been such a long process. Late nights of editing after eight hour shifts, early morning uploading before I’m late to work, and emailing clients while on the clock. These are just a few of the conundrums that having basically two full time jobs has put me in. With the help of my super-human and equally beautiful fiance, we were able to turn Akros into a full time company to support two hard working and motivated humans. We are so excited to have this new time to be able to create more efficiently and invest into our products more than ever before. unnamed

Photo Backstory: On my last day, I left my warehouse with a gift. I created an award for myself titled simply, “Employee Of The Century.” Here I am posing next to it proudly in the exact place that I mounted it on the wall. It got quite a laugh and even a round of applause. They are all wonderful people.



“The Native New Year”

Hosted by the Roaming Natives

Being in the wedding industry means a lot of 12 hour days, full speed sprints carrying tripods and rigs, 3 hour road trips, and never ending hours of editing. It’s the best job I could ever ask for, but it is nice to occasionally be able to blow off some steam with people who understand being a maker. That is where the Roaming Natives come into play. A newly formed band of Southern California photographers, the Roaming Natives boasts the talents of some of the most creative minds in the industry. This creative collective recently unmasked itself in the form of the inaugural “Native New Year’s Party.” A night of networking, dancing, photos, and friends, The Native New Year housed more than 250 local creative minds in the industry. I was honored to be able to film this event and share some great memories with a truly inspirational group of people.

Meet the Roaming Natives:

Cami Jane

Michelle Kim

Lauren Scotti

Katie Pritchard 

Nicole Weever

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