Simple Lightbox

Lorem ipsum [lightbox title=’Your Title Here’ href=’’%5Ddolor sit amet[/lightbox], consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque
[toggle title=”Code”]

[lightbox title='Your Title Here' href='']dolor sit amet[/lightbox]


Grouped Photos

[lightbox group=’name’ href=’’%5DGrouped Photo 1[/lightbox]
[lightbox group=’name’ href=’’%5DGrouped Photo 2[/lightbox]
[lightbox group=’name’ href=’’%5DGrouped Photo 3[/lightbox]

[toggle title=”Code”]

[lightbox group='name' href='http://localhost/Duco/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Audi_R8_432_1024x7682.jpg']Grouped Photo 1[/lightbox]

[lightbox group='name' href='']Grouped Photo 2[/lightbox]

[lightbox group='name' href='']Grouped Photo 3[/lightbox]



Elements Lightbox

[lightbox href=’’%5D%5Bicon name=’Camera-photo’ /][/lightbox]
[toggle title=”Code”]

[lightbox href=''][icon name='Camera-photo' /][/lightbox]


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